Dark Pool Liquidity finder
Baymarkets EDGE OTC trading platform recently announced a new dark pool volume match auction which is very successful in creating and finding liquidity in a fragmented market. To comply with the regulatory changes it is essential for both Single Dealer Platforms and Multi Dealer Platforms to attract customer volumes in illiquid products in a trusted fashion.
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FIX, March 13, Old Billingsgate, London
Baymarkets is exhibiting at the FIX Protocol 2012 EMEA Trading Conference organized by FIX Protocol Ltd. Meet us there to discuss the regulatory implications on OTC trading platforms, the latest news, and to get a demo of the EDGE OTC trading platform, which now has a FIX 5 compliant trading API for market and third party connectivity.

New partnership with DELL
We are very pleased to announce that Baymarkets and DELL Services have entered into a partnership agreement. DELL will act as a global sales channel for Baymarkets, and will contribute with local expertise, integration, development, and other services. DELL has excellent relationships with leading financial institutions and both of our companies are excited about the joint opportunities.

EDGE 3.9 is being rolled out
The latest and greatest version of the OTC trading platform EDGE is now being rolled out to clients. Among the news you fimd an order blotter, order templates, enhanced user settings, and more. Mobile devices-connectivity for iOS and Android.

New colleagues
We would like to welcome Per (Pelle) Ullberg and Petter Skidén to our development team. Both Pelle and Petter bring great knowledge and experience to the team, and we are really pleased to have both on board. We are also very pleased to announce that Ulf Kruse who has been on the board of Baymarkets since early 2011 now has stepped into an executive Chairman/COO role. With his great market knowledge from the Fintech space he is a great asset to the company.