About Us

Baymarkets experience has been gained building and operating multi-asset exchange and OTC trading systems and clearing solutions for some of the largest firms in the industry. These include banks, brokers, exchanges, CCPs and technology providers.

Senior management team

Christian Almeby:
Systems Architect with in-depth knowledge and experience of building and delivering efficient solutions.

Per Andersson:
Head of business development and sales, putting to great use his extensive market expertise.

Klas Ekwall:
Head of Development who is always on the look-out for new technologies and methods to deliver leading offerings.

Peter Fredriksson:
CEO of Baymarkets Sweden and co-chair of FIX Nordic, is a well-known FinTech pioneer within the financial industry and has extensive trading systems experience.

Tore Klevenberg:
Baymarkets Norway CEO, the clearing and clearing systems thought-leader and technologist, brings a wealth of industry specialism to the company and its clients.

Oskar Wibling:
Head of System Integration, with a research background in network protocol verification, Oskar ensures that Baymarkets’ systems are open and easy to integrate with existing in-house systems and services.

History of Baymarkets

A significant player in the financial technology space

Baymarkets AB was formed in 2007 by Peter Fredriksson, together with Klas Ekwall (Head of Development) and other members of staff, with venture capital firm Flamingo Partners LLC providing the seed capital, and Mr Hudson, Flamingo’s principal, served as its representative director.

In 2008 KTH Chalmers Capital (KCC), a Swedish venture capital firm, partially owned by the Wallenberg family fund FAM, invested in Baymarkets AB to support further growth of the business.

In June 2015, Flamingo Partners LLC and KTH Chalmers Capital (KCC) made a profitable exit from their investments in Baymarkets AB and Baymarkets Technology was formed. The company is fully owned by the former Baymarkets AB team.

In January 2016 we welcomed the team behind the clearing system Clara in Oslo, as part of our takeover of the support, maintenance and development of Clara from SIX x-clear. We are now co-marketing Clara together with SIX x-clear.

Baymarkets is recognised as a significant player in the financial technology space over the last few years and together with our clients and partners, we continue to build our technology capabilities and integrate the latest industry requirements into our solutions.

Case Study

Example case study

This use case demonstrates our development methodology. Here we created a hybrid trading platform for multiple clients, which resulted in a fast and cost-effective go-to-market implementation for our clients.


OTC markets have long been fragmented and require a unique set of trading functionality to deliver market opportunities. The Baymarkets teams deep experience in voice and electronic trading practices, as well as the OTC market place, was essential to design and develop a high performance advanced trading solution aligned with each client’s specific needs.

The following timeline shows the development of this advanced platform, including the market evolution and new client adoption.

OTC derivatives trading system for exchanges, broker dealers and banks