We build great solutions in collaboration with our clients

Baymarkets develops and delivers customised financial markets solutions. Working in partnership with our clients, using Agile methodologies, our highly experienced market and technology practitioners deliver high-performing market-ready products across the full trade lifecycle, covering multiple asset classes.


Clarity, Pre & Post-trade RegTech platform

The Clarity platform consists of a suite of modular components, which can be assembled to construct dedicated technology solutions for every element of the trading logistics chain.  Whether for pre-trade, at-trade, post-trade or across all three, the Clarity platform can be adapted to address any aspect of the order and trade lifecycle.

The modular aspect of Clarity, with multiple ways to handle instruments, users and products, jump-starts any new technology project around trade flow, and vastly accelerates time-to-market for any firm looking to roll out a trading, risk or clearing platform, including:

  • Clearing Houses
  • Exchanges  & trading venues
  • Trading firms & brokers
  • Clearing banks

Clarity Limit

Addresses MiFID II regulatory requirements whereby Trading Venues must offer pre-trade limit and risk checking as well as deliver real-time order scrutiny against client credit limits and pre-defined risk controls..

This includes:

  • Order limit controls at client, account and product levels
  • Credit utilisation tracking
  • Kill-switch functionality

With an intuitive web-based user interface, and an API that enables users to integrate existing position and client credit systems. This includes semi-static data, such as counterparties, accounts, instruments and exchange rates, which can be directly imported.

Pre order / trade limit check

Clarity Hub

Removing the operational overhead of having to maintain multiple clearing house interfaces, Clarity Hub enables firms to send trades to multiple clearing houses, and receive confirmations back, via a single FIX interface in real-time.

The Clarity Hub GUI manages all feed translations and mapping. It can also be fed with product and instrument data from all connected clearing houses.

Clarity Hub